Frequently Asked Questions

Silicon Servers FAQ

  • What is colocation?

    Colocation is when you place servers which you own in our rack in our data center. We provide you with the space, power, and network connection to allow your server to connect to the Internet. Think of it of renting real estate for servers.
  • Where are your data centers located?

    We currently have 2 data centers in the New York Metro area. Our New York City data center is located in Lower Manhattan near Wall Street. Our New Jersey data center is located in Piscataway, New Jersey, which is approximately 40 miles south west of Manhattan. Further info can be found on our Locations page.
  • How do I order?

    Please visit our Contact page to send us an inquiry.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, or company check.
  • Tell me about your network?

    Each of our data centers have separate networks. We utilize state of the art networking equipment. Our Internet connections consist of a BGP blend of multiple carriers.
  • What is 95th Percentile Bandwidth billing?

    The per Mbps bandwidth is based upon 5 minute averages of your actual usage, then subjected to 95th percentile adjustment. You pay based on this average in 1 Mbps increments at a set rate, depending on your commitment level. You are automatically placed on a burstable 100 Mbps link. You'll be able to monitor your bandwidth usage to understand exactly what your usage is. At the beginning of the following month, you will get a bill for actual 95th percentile usage.
  • Can I colocate at your New York City Data Center and also colocate at your New Jersey Data Center for Disaster Recovery?

    Yes. Many of our clients are businesses in Manhattan who want their primary servers to be located close to them, however they also want to have a secure disaster recovery site in New Jersey as well. We're more than happy to work with you to set this up.
  • Were your data centers affected by any recent natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy?

    No. Both of our data centers maintained 100% up-time during Hurricane Sandy and have not been affected by any recent natural disasters. In addition both data centers have multiple diesel generators on site which can supply electrical power to the data centers for weeks should there be an issue receiving electrical power, such as during flooding or a blackout. More info about our Data Centers can be found on our Locations page
  • Do you require that I use rackmount equipment?

    Yes. We currently only accept rackmount servers from (1U-2U) in height. However we can also accomodate small equipment that sit on a rackmount shelf, such as a small firewall, router, switch, or backup drive for example. We cannot accept standard desktop or tower computers / servers.
  • Do you offer remote hands and eyes?

    Yes. We can support your equipment both on-site at the datacenter, and also remotely from our office. Each of our datacenters have staff who are on-site and can assist with basic needs. For more advanced work, we may need to have someone from our staff visit the datacenter to make the change.
  • Do you offer firewall or VPN services?

    Yes, we can setup a firewall and/or VPN for your servers. Please Contact Us for more info.
  • I have a complicated setup, can you assist?

    Absolutely! We'd be happy to talk to you about what your needs are and find a way to work together. Please Contact Us for more info.
  • I need more bandwidth/space/power? Can I upgrade my contract?

    Yes. We are happy to provide you with additional services, please Contact Us for more info.
  • What is the contract length?

    We usually require a 1 year contract, which is renewable every year. However we would be happy to speak to you if you require a custom contract length term.
  • Can I monitor my bandwidth usage?

    Yes. We will provide you with a web-based MRTG graph that you can monitor. However you are solely responsible for monitoring your usage and you will be responsible for all usage fees.
  • Do you offer remote reboot?

    Yes. We can provide your with a remote reboot port on our PDU that will allow you to remotely reboot your server.
  • Do you offer remote KVM access?

    Yes. We prefer that you ship your server with a built in IPMI interface (Supermicro, HP iLo, Dell DRAC), however for an additional fee we can provide you with a standalone hardware IPMI device.
  • Can you manage my server?

    Yes. We can offer you full management our your server by our staff. Please Contact Us for more info.
  • Are installation fees included?

    Yes. All initial installation fees are included.
  • What do I need to colocate my server?

    Please provide the following equipment: (1) rackmount rails for your servers (2) power cords for your servers (3) any additional items which you require. We will provide the cage nuts, screws, and network cables. If you are missing any parts please let us know and we will be happy to assist.
  • How do I get my servers to you?

    We will provide you with the address to ship your servers once you place an order. All equipment must be shipped by FedEx or UPS and properly packed and insured. For clients based in the NYC Metro Area, you can also bring your servers in-person to our Data Centers for installation.
  • Can I work on my servers in your data center?

    Yes, however we require that a member of our staff remove the server from our rack and move it to a location where you can work on it. This ensures that none of our other clients' servers are accidently damaged.
  • Can you offer me additional services, such as dedicated server and virtual private server?

    Yes. Please Contact Us for more info.